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PTF Strives to Improve Health Service Delivery in the “Most Malarial Town on Earth”

Access to anti-malarial medications are essential to human, economic, and social development in affected areas, but are frequently compromised by poor governance and lack of accountability. Life-saving medications go missing along the distribution chain, health center staff absenteeism leaves sick people untreated, and unethical clinicians solicit fees for services that…...

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Corruption Kills

Pervasive corruption plagues health service delivery across developing and emerging market countries. Nurses and doctors extort payments from the poor for services that should be free. Counterfeit drugs are sent to hospitals and clinics as public officials take kick-backs from rogue vendors. Illicit payments are often demanded of the very…...

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PTF Celebrates International Women’s Day

After almost 15 years of working with over 100 CSOs in more than 50 countries, time and time again PTF-supported projects have demonstrated the power of women’s perspectives, knowledge and leadership in generating better designed anti-corruption initiatives with wider impact. As primary caretakers of their households and communities, poor women…...

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