Each of our focus priorities seeks to give voice to civil society and demonstrate the value of constructive partnerships between authorities and citizens. PTF meets its’ partners diverse needs with the services it offers in the following areas.

Private Sector–Civil Society Collaboration

Citizens’ economic security and safety depends on integrity in the private sector and where governments engage with the private sector. PTF provides tools and advice to business associations and chambers of commerce to foster cultures of integrity and supports building relationships with civil society organizations to promote ethical business environments.

Promoting Rule-of-Law through Citizen Engagement

Laws alone do not protect citizens from abuse and corruption and too often the institutions meant to root out impunity themselves lack oversight and accountability. Though the Metzger Rule of Law Initiative, PTF and partnering legal experts support civil society organizations (CSOs) to track judicial processes, identify irregularities and follow-up with officials, bringing about justice for citizens.

Promoting Citizen Action for Development

Our relationships with international financial institutions (IFIs) and CSOs place us at a unique juncture to support CSOs in participating in the design and implementation of development projects funded by international donors. We provide capacity building and support for citizen groups and organizations seeking to bridge the gap between development institutions and communities.

Assisting IFIs in Incorporating Citizen and Civil Society Engagement

Effective, sustainable development requires collaboration and partnership with established citizen groups. PTF offers strategic advice for IFIs on how best to engage citizens, stakeholders and community-based and civil society organizations for better development outcomes.

Supporting Civil Society to Monitor Public Procurement

Procurement is particularly vulnerable to corruption through unfair competition and collusion. PTF trains CSOs to identify and expose corruption and waste plaguing public procurement; and supports them in constructively engaging with sympathetic authorities to find solutions.

Engaging Citizens to Monitor Public Services and Social Programs

Too often corruption and mismanagement divert resources from vital services like healthcare, education, and cash or food assistance programs harming most those who can afford it least. Through our projects, PTF strengthens CSOs’ ability to engage those same citizens in monitoring services and demanding better governance from duty bearers.