Too often corruption and mismanagement divert resources from vital services like healthcare, education, and cash or food assistance programs harming most those who can afford it least. Through our projects, PTF strengthens civil society organizations’ (CSOs’) ability to engage those same citizens in monitoring services and demanding better governance from duty bearers.


Featured Work

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Citizen Engagement on Anti- Corruption in the Gambia

The Anti Corruption Coalition (Gambia) (ACCG), supported by PTF and funded by the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), began an initiative in September 2019 initiatives aimed at: (1) enhancing the capacity of the ACCG as a national institution in fighting corruption and (2) establishing a cascade model of national and local anti-corruption champions and community organizers to raise awareness of corruption and public accountability among Gambians, especially youth and women, and educate them on avenues to exert pressure on public officials to bring about institutional reforms.

Transparency and Accountability in Mongolia Education (TAME)

This project addresses the development challenge of providing disadvantaged ethnic minorities of Mongolia access to better education services. The Project intends to achieve this overarching objective by increasing efficiency, transparency and accountability in education procurement, organizing a Parent Teacher Association in each project soum, and promoting civic society participation in prioritizing educational initiative.

Strengthening Citizens Involvement in Mitigating Local Governance Risks in the Philippines

This program provided technical assistance to support more effective citizen engagement in the formulation and execution of budgets and procurement processes at the local level. Five sub-projects were developed to address governance risks unique to Local Government Units (LGUs) in the Caraga Region in Northeastern Mindanao. Insights gained from this pilot will feed into a series of reforms undertaken by the Government of the Philippines, including the Bottom Up Budgeting and Open Data disclosure.

Health Transparency Initiative

Health Transparency Initiative (HTI) projects aim to raise citizen and engagement with government officials and service deliverers, and thereby control corruption, improve transparency, and improve health sector performance.

Enhancing the Impact of Citizen-Led Transparency Initiatives for Good Governance

This program piloted citizen monitoring of government programs at the local level that could be adopted to enhance the implementation of national programs. This was achieved through: a) grant funding to selected CSOs to pilot social accountability approaches and b) mechanisms developed to facilitate cross-learning and build a shared good governance agenda between stakeholders.

Guarding the Integrity of the Conditional Cash Transfer Program for the Philippines (i-Pantawid)

The project intends to strengthen the integrity of the Philippines Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) Program by instituting a strong and sustained civil society role in program implementation that is characterized by (a) use of social accountability approaches in monitoring and evaluation, (b) transformation of beneficiary-parent leaders to community facilitators for change, and (c) training of household beneficiaries in active citizenship.

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