Compliance Toolkit for Start-ups in India

Compliance Toolkit for Start-ups in India


Compliance Toolkit for Start-ups

PTF India has supported the development of a toolkit to promote anti-corruption among start-up companies

In India, start-up businesses constitute a significant and active share of the economy. While development and growth are to be encouraged, they must also be regulated. The acceleration and expansion of start-ups are often hampered by internal and external challenges, including the lack of compliance with government regulations. This can be caused by lack of information among business owners, speed of scale-up, or other factors. However, in the face of this challenge, the Partnership for Transparency Indian (PTFI) has partnered with Alliance for Integrity and MSME Inno to develop a Compliance Toolkit for Start-ups.

The Toolkit is designed to support start-ups in India by serving as a guide to improve policies for good governance and implement effective social responsibility activities in specific areas including but not limited to integrity, anti-bribery, risk management, anti-sexual harassment policy, and gift policy, among others. The Toolkit can also be used by start-ups in assessing and revisiting (where necessary) their relationships with other organizations and in answering important questions related to integrity in business practices.

By using the Toolkit, start-ups will be able to:

  1. Develop policy documents and frameworks
  2. Develop improved policies for good governance
  3. Implement effective social responsibility
  4. Implement ethically compliant business processes
  5. Assess organizational relationships

Though it is not an exhaustive study, the Toolkit provides start-ups with the information needed to ensure compliance with regulations and implement anti-corruption measures in business processes. In doing so, these compliant businesses will further contribute to the transparency, integrity, and sustainability of India’s economic growth.

Click here to access the full Compliance Toolkit for Start-ups.