PTF’s Vision: We envisage a world free of corruption in which citizens trust public officials and institutions and hold them accountable and responsive to their communities’ needs.

PTF’s Mission: We support innovative civil society organization-led and related approaches to reduce corruption, increase transparency, strengthen governance, and enhance accountability in low- and middle-income economies and widely shares knowledge gleaned through its work.


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Boosting Childhood Vaccination in French-speaking Africa through Champions’ Advocacy

June 13, 2024: PTF Advisor Pietronella van den Oever says: “Over the last two-and-a-half years, a PTF team of advisors has worked with a group of “Champions” from 18 French-speaking African countries to advocate for childhood vaccination programs. The work by the Champions’ is highlighting the importance of vaccination for children in these countries and securing progress in vaccination rates of children in the target areas.”

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Moldova's President Maia Sandu

Making Progress in Moldova with Critical Anti-Corruption Projects

May 13, 2024: When Maia Sandu won election as President of Moldova at the end of 2020 she wrote on Facebook that she hoped the result would mark “the end of the reign of thieves in Moldova”.

The fight against corruption that President Sandu has been waging is not just a rejection of years of corrupt oligarch power in this tiny country that borders Russia and Ukraine, but a vital requirement for Moldova’s membership in the European Union. PTF’s multi-year project is an important component in Moldova’ struggle against corruption.

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Partnership for Transparency Seeks A New President 

May 30, 2024: PTF, headquartered in Washington D.C., is seeking a President. Given the range of PTF’s activities and the increasing challenges of countering corruption and supporting civil society organizations across middle-and low-income countries, PTF intends to recruit a full-time, remunerated chief executive, who will report to its Board of Directors. The deadline for applications is June 24, 2024.

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PTF Moves Ahead with Projects in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Argentina – Latest Project Summaries

PTF’s Board of Directors reviews progress on current projects twice each year. The most recent report covers projects led by PTF Asia and PTF Europe, as well as projects in India, Argentina, and Africa. Please review the latest summary of the report to the PTF Board. Projects pages can also be found after the summary.

Please review the latest summary of the report to the PTF Board here.

Advocating for Deeper Partnerships between Civil Society Organizations and IDA grants to the Poorest Countries

May 13, 2024: PTF’s new report details specific approaches for enhancing the effectiveness of projects funded by the World Bank’s concessional affiliate, the International Development Association (IDA), through deepening engagements with CSOs. The report makes ten recommendations for how the Bank can more closely involve local civil society in its work at the country level, beyond consultations. The publication of this report has been followed by a campaign to call for funding for the expansion of partnerships with local civil society organizations (CSOs) as an integral part of a bigger and better next round of funding for IDA (IDA21: 2025-2028). 

Please find more information on the report, the 2 page summary, and the latest updates on the campaign here.