The Anti-Corruption Forum seeks to enhance public awareness of the challenges of corruption by convening events with expert speakers and panelists, and with audiences drawn from civil society, government, business, and academia. The Forum’s focus is on strengthening awareness and understanding of today’s most pressing U.S. and international corruption issues.

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Event Introduction:

Paula Boland, President of the United Nations Association of the National Capital Area (UNA-NCA)


Shayna Vayser, Managing Director of Advocacy & Policy Strategy at UNA-NCA
Frank Vogl, Board Chair of the Partnership for Transparency (PTF)


Francisca Chinelo Ekwonu, founder of New Girl on Campus

Dr. Ortum Merkel, United Nations University

Marie Chêne, Research Director at Transparency International

Dena Shayne, Amara Legal Center and Equal Justice Works Crime Victims Just Corps Fellow

Nancy Hendry, International Association of Women Judges

Indira Sandilya Senior Adviser, PTF and Board Member, Partnership for Transparency India

Nancy Hendry of the International Association of Women Judges began using the term “Sextortion” to draw attention to a type of exploitation that combines sex and the abuse of power – specific demands by men in power of sex in return for, for example, obtaining a job, getting a passing college grade, ensuring safe passage as a migrating refugee, obtaining vital official documents. What all the victims have in common is that they are in situations where they have few means to secure legal, or community support and recourse – making them all the more vulnerable.

On July 1, 2020, the Partnership for Transparency (PTF) and the United Nations Association of the National Capital Area (UNA-NCA) hosted experts from Asia, Africa, Europe and the United States in a 90-minute conversation on one of the worst forms of corruption in an effort to better understand the phenomena and what can be done to prevent it. Guests included Francisca Chinelo Ekwonu, founder of New Girl on Campus; Dr. Ortum Merkel of the United Nations University; Marie Chêne, Research Director at Transparency International; Dena Shayne of the Amara Legal Center and Equal Justice Works Crime Victims Just Corps Fellow; and Nancy Hendry of the International Association of Women Judges. Indira Sandilya, a Senior Adviser at the PTF and Board Member of the Partnership for Transparency India also contributed to the conversation.