PTF Represented at UNCAC CoSP10 in Atlanta

Vinay Bhargava, Hady Fink, and Jillian Hess represented Partnership for Transparency (PTF) at the tenth session of the Conference of the States Parties (CoSP10) to the United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC) in Atlanta from December 11 to 15, 2023. In addition, Hady gave a presentation entitled “Engaging Civil Society in the Fight against Corruption in the Health Sector” during the December 9th and 10th pre-conference Anti-Corruption Academic Symposium and Vinay and Jillian participated in the inaugural Anti-Corruption Civil Society Forum on December 10th.

During the conference, Vinay, Hady, and Jillian took part in several side events, sat in on plenary sessions, and had a number of meetings and networked with new and existing contacts. Additionally, on December 12th, on behalf of PTF, Vinay delivered an oral statement during the General Discussion session of the plenary and Hady spoke in a subsequent plenary session on December 15th.

PTF prepared a written statement on “Increasing the Role of Civil Society in Combating Corruption in Development Assistance Provided through MDBs”, which 26 civil society organizations signed, as well as a pamphlet about current initiatives. Copies of these were available at the conference.

In the lead-up to UNCAC CoSP10, PTF became a signatory to an Open Letter to UNCAC States Parties: A Call for Action at the 10th UNCAC Conference of States Parties to Enhance the Protection of People who Report Corruption (Whistleblowers) and another Open Letter to States Parties to the UNCAC: Advance strong resolution on public procurement. In addition, before the close of the conference, PTF signed on to the UNCAC Coalition’s Atlanta Civil Society Declaration.

PTF representatives at UNCAC CoSP10 in Atlanta.
Hady Fink, Vinay Bhargava, and Jillian Hess at UNCAC CoSP10