Ninth Edition: Monitoring Moldova’s Public Procurement

Monitoring Moldova’s Public Procurement is a series of newsletters designed by the Institute for Development and Social Initiatives (IDIS) Viitorul to share information and increase transparency around public procurement in the Republic of Moldova.

The October 2023 issue of Monitoring Moldova’s Public Procurement contains information about the cooperation agreement between IDIS and the Moldovan Ministry of Finance, the signing of contracts by five sub-grantees, the second meeting of the Coalition of Monitors in Public Procurement, and the national program for the development of the public procurement system for 2023 to 2026 approved by the government.

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The issue includes:
1. IDIS and the Moldovan Ministry of Finance Signed a Cooperation Agreement to Improve the Transparency and Efficiency of the Public Procurement Process
2. Public Procurements Carried out by some Authorities and Contracting Entities under the Supervision of Several NGOs which Received Funding for Monitoring Activities
3. The Coalition of Monitors in Public Procurement had its Second Working Session
4. IDIS Shared its Experience in Monitoring Public Procurement at the Civil Society Organizations Forum in Africa
5. The National Program for the Development of the Public Procurement System for 2023 to 2026 was approved by the Government
6. The EU Launches a Common Tool for Defense Procurement – How Moldova and Ukraine will Benefit
7. Assumption of Multiannual Commitments: Regulation Approved by the Government
8. After Winning the Procurement Contract with the Lowest Price, the Economic Operator is put in the Situation to Modify the Contract, because the Estimated Costs do not Correspond to Reality
9. Centralized Public Procurement in Health and the Risks of Corruption in the Procurement of Medical Devices
10. Parents have the Possibility to Monitor Purchases in Educational Institutions in Chisinau
11. Lilia Zaharia-Cravcenco, Executive Director of Transparency International Moldova, Member of the Public Procurement Monitoring Coalition: Legislative Shortcomings in Public Procurement can create Corruption Risks

More information can be found in the full version of the newsletter.

This newsletter was produced within the context of the joint PTF and IDIS Increasing the Integrity of Public Procurement in Moldova project.

The views expressed in the articles, which were written by IDIS, are solely those of the individuals quoted and do not necessarily reflect the official policies of PTF.

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