PTF Celebrates International Women’s Day

After almost 15 years of working with over 100 CSOs in more than 50 countries, time and time again PTF-supported projects have demonstrated the power of women’s perspectives, knowledge and leadership in generating better designed anti-corruption initiatives with wider impact.

As primary caretakers of their households and communities, poor women in developing countries experience corruption in seemingly innocuous daily transactions such as receiving government disbursed medicines, sending your children to school, or even driving are routinely upended and many times stifled by the solicitation of a bribe. PTF is working to reverse the negative gender impacts of small-scale corruption by supporting CSOs with financial resources and expert support to combat it. We’ve trained women around the world to make them aware of their rights and develop their sense of agency, enabling them to obtain ration cards, jobs and other basic entitlements.

Many of our CSO partners are led by women – the real heroins to be celebrated today. These dedicated women are crucial, because their perspectives, knowledge and leadership vastly improve the results of anti-corruption initiatives. These champions are rising above their personal interest and inspiring countless others to do the same. Thank you.

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