Rule of Law

PTF Launches Barry Metzger Rule of Law Initiative

On May 14, 2014, the Partnership for Transparency Fund (PTF) launched the Barry Metzger Rule of Law Initiative at the law offices of Baker & McKenzie in Washington, DC. The initiative is designed to respect the humanitarian and legal values that PTF founder and board member Barry Metzger promoted throughout his life by promoting systems of justice…...

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Insights from Transparency and Access to Information Projects in Argentina

10 PTF-supported projects in Argentina were recently reviewed confirming that small, short, one-off projects can make a difference even if they are barely a drop in the bucket of fighting corruption. Political will, stakeholder collaboration, and continuity of effort were key determinants of success in the short and longer terms.…...

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Pro-Active Project Planning – Serbian Example

Considerations of three PTF-supported projects in Serbia, all of which impacted sensitive political and judicial developments, highlighted the crucial need for sponsors (donors – in this case PTF) to pursue sound and substantial planning to provide an enhanced assurance of positive outcomes and a greater ability to assist the project-implementing…...

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