PTF is Hiring a Part-Time Junior Project Consultant


Partnership for Transparency (PTF) is looking for a part-time Junior Project Consultant to support its international project team for a project implemented in the Republic of Moldova as soon as possible.


About the Project: Since 2020, PTF is implementing a five-year project to Increase the Integrity of Public Procurement through citizen monitoring and reporting in the Republic of Moldova. Building on an inception report and training for representatives from 26 media and civil society organizations (CSOs), the project is currently engaged in mentoring 12 CSOs to conduct procurement monitoring. Additionally, a coalition of procurement monitors and a multi-stakeholder national-level platform are being established in order to make recommendations to relevant authorities to improve public procurement.
An online portal will be developed to assist in these efforts. These initiatives are intended to foster collaboration among those engaged in monitoring public procurement and to ensure their findings lead to action, including improvements in the procurement system.

About the Role: The part-time Junior Project Consultant will support the PTF team, including assisting the local Moldovan partner CSO with administrative and project-related tasks required to efficiently manage ongoing operations and promote the project. This includes the following tasks:

  • Facilitating and documenting communication: Arranging, hosting, and documenting (taking minutes) conference calls and other communications of the project team, including supporting the planning, preparing, and documenting of events and outreach activities.
  • Producing own documents: Collecting, reviewing, analyzing, and summarizing data, text documents, articles, and other information collected in the framework of the project to support other team members in the preparation and implementation of their input and to promote the project, including the quarterly reports to be submitted to the funding agency.
  • Undertaking other tasks: Carrying out other related tasks that may be requested.

Qualification Profile

The successful candidate should have the following profile.
Academic qualification: Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) in governance, public policy, law, social sciences, or similar field is preferred. Candidates currently enrolled in a program will be considered.
Technical expertise: Basic knowledge of procurement and/or anti-corruption/governance issues required. Country expertise of Moldova and working with civil society are considered assets.
Practical experience: Prior engagement in an international project or related to the tasks involved in the role are considered strong assets. They include coordinating meetings and taking minutes, reviewing documents and data, producing texts and other documents to support the project team, and undertaking similar assignments related to effectively managing and implementing an international project.
Language skills: Fluency in English is required. Knowledge of Romanian and/or Russian is an asset.
Dedication and flexibility: The successful candidate will be dedicated to the issues this project is dealing with, such as fighting corruption, improving the integrity and the transparency of public procurement, and supporting civil society in the Republic of Moldova. Flexibility, responsiveness, and willingness to adapt to the needs of the project and team members are key soft skills required.

Terms of Engagement

Duration: March 2023 until June 2024, with a possible extension until June 2025.
Estimated level of engagement: Up to a total of about four days per month with a flexible work schedule. Presence (online or offline) is required only once a week (most likely Wednesdays) between 8:00 am and 11:30 am EDT/EST (or 2:00 pm to 5:30 pm Moldova time (EET)).
Salary: An hourly rate at a level commensurate with the experience of the applicant.
Location: The Consultant will preferably be based in the Washington, DC area. An alternative solution for a remote engagement is possible.
Reporting: Project Director

A cover letter and brief resume (no more than two pages) should be submitted to by February 27, 2023.