Seventh Edition: Monitoring Moldova’s Public Procurement

Monitoring Moldova’s Public Procurement is a series of newsletters designed by the Institute for Development and Social Initiatives (IDIS) Viitorul to share information and increase transparency around public procurement in the Republic of Moldova.

The February 2023 issue of Monitoring Moldova’s Public Procurement describes how Prospect Association managed to be the only civil society organization in the Cimişlia District public procurement working group, what the new national program for the development of the public procurement system includes, how transparent the Ministry of Education is in the view of Părinți Solidari, what challenges journalists face when documenting articles about public procurement, how a company from Comrat won a tender after filing an appeal, and more.

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The issue includes:
1. Civil Society Organizations Continue To Monitor The Integrity Of Public Procurement In Moldova And Hold Stakeholders Accountable
2. Opinion Of The European Commission: The Republic Of Moldova Is At A Beginner’s Level In Public Procurement
3. Value For Money – The Objective Of The National Procurement Development Program
4. Civil Society Warns Of The Risks Of The Draft Law On Raising The Minimum Acquisition Threshold In The Public Procurement Law
5. Părinți Solidari‘s Evaluation Of The Financial Transparency Of The Moldovan Ministry Of Education And Research
6. Andrei Bargan Said That Prospect Association Is The Only Public Association Represented At The Meetings Of The Working Group On Public Procurement In Cimişlia District
7. Sector Procurement Assessed By The Association For Efficient And Accountable Government In A Series Of Publications
8. Challenges For Journalists And Activists In Documenting Public Procurement Stories Discussed With Authorities
9. 800,000 Lei For Repairs At Rîşcani District Hospital – After The Work Was Completed, The Sockets Were Missing
10. Thermal Insulation Of Fhe Facade Of Kindergarten No. 1 In Cahul – A Firm From Comrat Became The Winner Of The Tender After Contesting The Initial Results

More information can be found in the full version of the newsletter.

This newsletter was produced within the context of the joint PTF and IDIS Increasing the Integrity of Public Procurement in Moldova project.

The views expressed in the articles, which were written by IDIS, are solely those of the individuals quoted and do not necessarily reflect the official policies of PTF.

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