PRESS RELEASE: Partnership for Transparency Launches New Strategy Strengthening Anti-Corruption Support for Civil Society in Developing Countries and Emerging Markets

February 1, 2023

Partnership for Transparency’s Vision: A world free of corruption in which citizens trust public officials and institutions and hold them accountable and responsive to their communities’ needs.

Today, Washington, DC-based Partnership for Transparency (PTF) launched its 2023 to 2026 strategy to strengthen support for civil society organizations as they lead the fight to counter corruption in their countries.

The new strategy defines PTF’s mission to support innovative civil society organization-led and related approaches to reduce corruption, increase transparency, strengthen governance, and enhance accountability in low- and middle-income economies and widely share knowledge gleaned through its work.

“Never before have political pressures to curb civil society organizations (CSOs) been greater in scores of countries than they are today,” said Frank Vogl, Chair of the PTF Board of Directors.

“Our new strategy will strengthen our ability to provide CSO support in the key areas where we have established outstanding development expertise. A critical strategic aim is to build deeper partnerships in our work with CSOs, official aid agencies, philanthropic foundations, and anti-corruption experts,” added Vogl.

PTF’s 2023 to 2026 strategy details six operational goals: program scope and activities, knowledge management, advocacy and advisory services, financial resources, strategic partnerships, and communications.

PTF President Dirk Mattheisen said, “Our new strategy strengthens our focus on anti-corruption in areas where our teams of advisors have exceptional sectoral expertise, notably in public procurement, health, and other areas of public services, as well as supporting civil society engagement more broadly. We are also building on our relationships with outstanding local civil society partners in a range of countries where we are now working, or where we have recently worked, including Argentina, Bangladesh, Ghana, India, Malawi, Moldova, Nepal, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Uganda, Ukraine, and Zambia.”

PTF is a 501(c)(3) Washington, DC-based non-governmental organization founded in 1998. Since it started operations in 2000, PTF has supported more than 200 projects in over 50 countries, published reports and extensive articles on the lessons learned from its projects, and provided advice to multilateral institutions. The expert advisors working with PTF are all volunteers, most of whom are retired former senior officials at the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank, and other agencies. PTF has affiliated regional organizations based in Munich, Germany and Manilla, Philippines and it pursues further regional goals through special committees for South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa.

PTF’s Board of Directors, Management Team, and Advisors represent many nationalities and have a common passion for supporting CSOs in their work to secure transparency, accountability, and integrity in the public sector. Under the new strategy, PTF intends to strengthen its selection criteria for projects financed by its own grants, as well as the funds for which it bids to sharpen its focus on anti-corruption and empowerment of local civil society. Selection criteria will include: alignment with mission, focus countries and sectors, sustainable and qualified CSO recipients, impact as assessed by a realistic monitoring framework, sustainability, and clear value added for PTF.

The 2023 to 2026 strategy stresses an increased focus by PTF on its knowledge work by producing a multi-year knowledge plan that will incorporate an annual flagship report, more products based on project lessons learned, and greater participation in international forums.

The new strategy also calls for enhancing PTF’s advocacy work with multilateral development institutions, donors, think tanks, and governments about the importance of civil society engagement in demanding integrity, transparency, and accountability. PTF will continue to provide advisory services to multilateral and bilateral development organizations to update civil society engagement strategies, catalyze effective implementation of those strategies, and develop new ways of supporting CSOs.

Click here for a PDF of the press release and see the strategy on the Publications page here.

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