Governance Camp for Emerging Anti-Corruption Scout Crusaders

Governance Camp for Emerging Anti-Corruption Scout Crusaders

IMPLEMENTING PARTNER: Ten Outstanding Boy Scouts of The Philippines Association
YEARS: 2007 – 2008
THEME: Youth Empowerment

The Boy Scouts of the Philippines conducted its 14th National Scout Jamboree (14NSJ) on 22-26 October, 2007 at the National Scouting Center for Asia Pacific Region, Mount Makiling, Los Baños, Laguna. For this major activity that happens only once every three years, thousands of Scouts from all over the country converged for a wide range of training, educational and recreational activities. Among the participants in the 14NSJ were the GovCamp graduates, the Scout Crusaders. The GovCamp Team and the Scout Crusaders deemed it proper and practical to hold the GovCamp Reunion during this time, with the aim of presenting accomplishments and updates, raising concerns and brainstorming about the next steps.

Three months since the conclusion of their “formal” training, the Scout Crusaders had much to report on the progress of their good governance initiatives. They took turns in narrating their experience in organizing their school-based youth groups (hereinafter generally referred to as Scout Crusader Units or CUs). The CUs names used such terms as “Scouts Against Corruption,” “Scouts for Good Governance,” “Student Alliance for Transparency,” and so on. (Note: A complete list of the CUs names is still being processed and updated, pending official recognition of school and/or community authorities).

The GovCamp Reunion served not only as a venue to present the Scout Crusaders’ accomplishments, but also as a forum where they could participate in the project evaluation and propose innovations. This feedback mechanism was crucial in identifying strong points and areas for improvement of the GovCamp project. After the GovCamp Reunion, the GovCamp Team and the Scout Crusaders set to work to continue their mission. On the ground, Level 1 CUs are expanding and consolidating their membership base in their respective schools and communities. Level 2 CUs are organizing awareness campaigns on good governance in their localities.

A project of this type can quite easily be replicated by the setting up of more crusader units. Indeed, PTF has a pending request to finance the Youth Network for Social Action that seeks to widen the kernel that was created through the present project. The network would be expanded both geographically across the country, and beyond the current focus on scouts.

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