Vehicle Monitoring Project

Vehicle Monitoring Project

YEARS: 2008 – 2009
THEME: Local Governance

The Anti-Corruption and Transparency Project II is a transparency initiative of the ECOLINK Philippines supported by the Partnership for Transparency Fund (PTF). In a real perspective, it covers three (3) cities (Oroquieta, Pagadian, Dapitan) from three (3) respective regions (Northern Mindanao, Western Mindanao & Southwestern Mindanao) , as well as two (2) municipalities (Aloran and Lopez Jaena) in Misamis Occidental.

Activities to be undertaken under the project includes capability-building such as Procurement monitoring, Resource generations, TAN Networks Institutional Development, Network-building/Ombudsman-CSO Hotlink; IEC advocacy like Anti-corruption Youth Concert/Arts Festival, Radio Programs/ Airtimes, Short Video- Documentary, Billboard/ Posters, Junior Graft Watch Seminars, Brochures/Flyers/Manuals and Anti-corruption Toolkit; policy advocacy such as Policy-formulation workshops, Legislative Monitoring, LGU-CSO Consultation, Communication/ Coordination and Ethics Seminars/ Campaign; and others, including Vehicle Mngt. & Information System development & installation, Precedent case facilitation and vehicle use monitoring.

The framework for LGU Vehicle Monitoring was developed and used in the project by ECOLINK Philippines. Interventions included in the framework would show correlation between each other. At the core of it was Citizen’s participation which focused on raising the awareness and eventual involvement of the local citizenry to the campaign against corruption. With citizen involvement, three technical interventions would be instituted to the local situation per LGU. Vehicle Expenditures Monitoring which involved workshops and field work would provide the data for analyzing corruption trends and administrative gaps in LGU fiscal management. Vehicle Procurement Monitoring involved independent quotations and enhancement of LGU’s compliance to procurement laws concerning the purchase of new vehicles, gasoline and lubricants and repairs and maintenance. The third among the technical interventions was Vehicle Use monitoring which was quite complicated and crucial in nature as it would provide factual and objective information regarding the trends of vehicle misuse among LGU’s.

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