Department of Health Medicine Monitoring Project 2

Department of Health Medicine Monitoring Project 2

YEARS: 2010 – 2012
THEME: Health

The MMP2 is a joint initiative of NAMFREL- Bantay ng Bayan and the Coalition Against Corruption (CAC) in collaboration with the IDC of the DOH. The project intends to help improve the delivery of health services and to counter irregular practices within the health sector through procurement and contract implementation monitoring.

The MMP was primarily designed to strengthen community participation in the procurement, delivery and inventory process. It aims to help improve the government’s delivery of pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical products specifically to local health centers and its intended beneficiaries.

143 procurement activities were observed by NAMFREL volunteers both in DOH RHs and CHDs nationwide. Based on the Observer’s Diagnostic Report (ODR) submitted by volunteer observers, the process of public bidding became more competitive, transparent and adherent to the provisions of GPRA 9184 and its RIRR as compared to previous bidding activities. In a move towards a transparent and inclusive bid process, DOH recognized NAMFREL volunteers as an “Official Observer” in all stages of the public bidding activities in all of its hospitals and regional health offices. It also has been included as member of the Integrity Development Committee (IDC) of the Department of Health.

Over Php 175.89 million worth of medicines were allocated to and received by the intended hospital beneficiaries. NAMFREL volunteers attested that the consumption of essential medicines was well within the annual projection and budget of the hospitals and regional health offices.

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