Combatting Corruption in Clinical Drug Trials (Phase II)

Combatting Corruption in Clinical Drug Trials (Phase II)

YEARS: 2011-2012
THEME: Health

This phase was an extension of an earlier project commenced by Jananeethi. The design and implementation of the project would not have materialized but for the strong belief and support from PTF. The flexibility that PTF allowed in pursuing emerging pathways and recalibrating activities and timelines gave a rare bandwidth to the project to explore out-of-the box options and innovative collaborations.

The nature of the issue being explored makes it extremely difficult to track and study. It is only because of Jananeethi’s long standing track record in the state and its extensive linkages with multiple stakeholders that the key actors in the issue – actual patients – were identified and agreed to share their experiences. The emphasis on constructive engagement also worked in the project’s favor. Instead of sensationalizing the issue and creating political rhetoric, Jananeethi pursued a path of discussions and informed briefings and played the role of a convener in getting key stakeholders to come to the table and discuss the issues.

The issue of unethical drug testing has opened up many other fronts to look at accountability mechanisms and their status in the health sector in Kerala. The Kerala Health Watch Group is perfectly poised to take on the role of a watchdog to support victims of corruption and abuses at very local levels.

Finally, long lasting impacts are only possible through sustained actions on many fronts. The seed grant provided through this project gave the critical opportunity to build evidences, coalesce stakeholders and create broad based people’s organizations. This momentum needs to be sustained, nurtured and capacitated to create lasting and meaningful changes. Jananeethi is committed to meet these challenges and leverage the learnings and insights from this project to its broader mandate of human rights work in Kerala.

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