Development of Anti-Corruption Legislation

Development of Anti-Corruption Legislation

IMPLEMENTING PARTNER: Center for Social Development
YEARS: 2001 – 2002
THEME: Rule of Law

The Center for Social Development (CSD) is a leading Cambodian civil society organization dedicated to fighting corruption. It seeks to promote democratic values and improve the quality of life of the Cambodian people through practical research, training, advocacy, awareness-raising and public debate. CSD has established a three-pronged anti-corruption strategy. The first component is to develop expertise in monitoring election finance. The second component is the development of anti-corruption legislation and the third component is to organize a national seminar bringing CSD, other civil society organizations and government officials together to develop a comprehensive anti- corruption strategy. PTF has supported the latter two activities.

With PTF support, between April 27 and May 9 2002 CSD held a series of six working meetings, which set out the main elements of a national anti-corruption strategy and reviewed draft anti-corruption legislation. These were summarized in a report that was considered at a National Workshop, which launched a new Coalition for Transparency. The Workshop, attended by 110 prominent personalities, endorsed the main themes of the report and made additional suggestions with regard to the proposed legislation. The Coalition now has 69 members consisting of parliamentarians, civil society and business leaders, Buddhist clergy and other distinguished figures in Cambodian society. Donor funding for a work plan is being sought and 1,500 copies of the Workshop proceedings have been distributed. The Coalition is now actively pressing for the passage of the anti-corruption legislation.

The remaining PTF funds were used to support the first general assembly of the Coalition held on September 28, 2002. Those attending included members of civil society, the private sector, Senators, members of the national assembly, and government ministers. The Prime Minister sent a message of support. The anti-corruption coalition received strong media support. The Coalition is now actively lobbying for the enactment of the anti-corruption legislation developed at the workshops supported by PTF. By building broad support for the Coalition through this PTF funded project, CSD has demonstrated that there is public wide agreement on the need for anti-corruption measures and that corruption is generating increasing public concern.

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