Climate Change and Environmental Governance Project Implementation

Partnering with the Resources, Environment, and Economics Center for Studies (REECS), The Partnership for Transparency Asia (PTFA) has launched the pilot Climate Change and Environmental Governance (CCEG) Project as a component of the Masarig na Irigueño! Project in Iriga City, which began in July 2021.


PTFA Project Team

Bong Crisostomo

Andrea Rino

Emy Perez

Aubrey Verzosa

The Partnership for Transparency (PTF) and PTF Asia (PTFA) signed a grant agreement in June 2021. This marks the start of mobilization of the and conducting of inception activities under the project. PTFA has partnered with REECS, a multidisciplinary team of Philippine natural resource and environmental economists, foresters, integrated water resource management specialists, and other practitioners. They work on the development of analytical and empirical tools on environmental economics and accounting, spatially referenced analysis, the valuation of ecosystem services, social benefit-cost analysis, and conservation financing in the Philippines. The REECS team will be in charge of providing the LGU with technical assistance and facilitate capacity-building workshops to enhance its Local Climate Change and Adaptation Plan (LCCAP) and proposal to the People’s Survival Fund.

The project team will help LGU Iriga to enhance their proposal to access the People’s Survival Fund, an annual fund intended for local government units and accredited local and community organizations to implement climate change adaptation projects that will better equip vulnerable communities to deal with the impacts of climate change. The project also aims to improve citizen engagement in climate change and environmental governance in Iriga City as its pilot area, and develop a strategy for replication of the training program, targeting LGUs and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) around the country, as well as the PTF network outside the Philippines.

PTF granted PTFA a grant worth $75,000 for the first two years of the pilot implementation.

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