Responding and Adapting to COVID-19 Response on the Ground

PTF Joined the Transparency, Accountability, and Partnership (TAP) Network for a Conversation on COVID-19 Response, Part of the TAP Storytelling Series


The Partnership for Transparency and representatives from our civil society partners joined the TAP Network, as a part of TAP’s Storytelling Initiative, to discuss their work on the ground to ensure transparency and accountability during COVID-19 response.

Cissy Kagaba, executive director of the Anti-Corruption Coalition Uganda (ACCU) and Bibhu Prasad, secretary of Youth for Social Development, India, joined Vinay Bhargava, PTF’s chief technical officer, to participate in a TAP Conversation focused on COVID-19 response strategies and the importance of citizen and civil society engagement in this work. Participants detailed ongoing projects in Uganda and India, as well as the transition made from initial COVID-19 response work to ongoing monitoring of vaccine distribution.

Watch the video below to hear more about how partnerships are formed and strengthened between the international and local level to respond to the needs of governments and peoples while also working to leave no one behind.

You can also listen to the recording, or read the blog.