World Bank Contributes $400,000 to PTF

Last month, a contribution of US $400,000 was released to the Partnership for Transparency Fund (PTF) for the purpose of funding anticorruption projects globally. The grant agreement was signed by PTF President, Daniel Ritchie and World Bank Acting Vice President and Head of Network Poverty Reduction and Economic Management, Milan Brahmbhatt at World Bank Headquarters.

Working in partnership for seven years, World Bank contributions have enabled PTF to fund nearly 60 citizen led anti-corruption projects in over 25 countries worldwide.

Yesterday’s signing increased the total amount of World Bank funding to PTF to US $2,295,000.

“The World Bank’s support has been invaluable to PTFs mission of empowering citizens to fight corruption,” said PTF Chair, Anabel Cruz.

PTF provides micro-loans to Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in developing countries to support anti-corruption activities such as monitoring of public procurement and service delivery, promotion of public anticorruption awareness, or analyses of specific departments or activities prone to corruption. By serving as an intermediary organization, PTF provides an effective vehicle for channeling resources, technical assistance and the sharing of best practices with grassroots organizations.

The signed grant will help fund activities with several overarching objectives: the promotion of broad civil society involvement in governance; the support of transparency, accountability and integrity enhancement in public service; capacity building of CSOs and the sharing of experience, best practices and lessons learned that the World Bank and other development organizations may use to further support CSOs’ involvement in the ‘demand-side’ of good governance.

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