Betty Hanan has worked in over 35 countries at the intersection of international development, health, education and social protection. Betty spent most of her career in the World Bank as a staff member, working as a Program Team Leader and Team Leader of multi-disciplinary teams. Upon early retirement from the World Bank, Betty has worked as a consultant in various capacities, supporting the African Human Development Unit, the European and Central Asia Human Development Unit, the East Asian Human Development Unit, and the Social Protection Global Practice in South Asia. She has had numerous articles and reports published by the World Bank and has won several awards for project implementation and design. Following her retirement from the World Bank, Betty has engaged civil society through involvement with Partnership for Transparency, the Queenstown Citizen’s Advice Bureau, and the Cancer Society.  She was born in Ecuador but lived in the US since the age of 18.  She also lived and worked in Kenya while Working for the United Nations Environment Program.  Betty currently resides in New Zealand most of the year.