Partnership for Transparency Calls for Strengthening Partnerships with Citizens and Civil Society Organizations in the World Bank Group Evolution for Greater Impact

Partnership for Transparency (PTF) prepared a response to the World Bank Group’s request for comments on the Evolution proposals paper. PTF’s comments focus on the roles that citizens and civil society organizations (CSOs) could play in enhancing the development impact and accountability of the proposed expanded levels of financing under the enhanced mission of the World Bank Group (WBG).

PTF recommends four specific actions to ensure greater citizen/CSO engagement in the WBG’s operations, which are based on a draft study by PTF:
• Recommendation #1: Update the 2014 Citizen Engagement Framework and associated indicators in the Corporate Scorecard in line with the aspirations of the Evolution proposals
• Recommendation #2: Articulate the roles CSOs could/would play in the new operating model as development partners and the actions the WBG would proactively take to promote meaningful CSO engagement
• Recommendation #3: Close funding gaps for local CSO involvement in Bank-supported lending and country engagement activities in borrower countries
• Recommendation #4: Expand partnerships with citizens and CSOs to prevent waste, fraud, and corruption

PTF’s comments on the Evolution proposals paper are available here.