Sixth Edition: Monitoring Moldova’s Public Procurement

Monitoring Moldova’s Public Procurement is a series of newsletters designed by the Institute for Development and Social Initiatives (IDIS) Viitorul to share information and increase transparency around public procurement in the Republic of Moldova.

The September 2022 issue of Monitoring Moldova’s Public Procurement details what the role of civil society in fighting corruption in public procurement is, who is behind rigged tenders, what caused the record increase in procurement in the first part of the year, and what young people think about public procurement monitoring.

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The issue includes:
1. Civil Society Organizations Monitor The Transparency Of Public Procurement In Moldova – Results Include Journalistic Investigations, Analytical Reports, And Public Discussions
2. IDIS Viitorul Launched The Good Practice Guide On Sustainable Public Procurement
3. 67 Public Procurements Worth Over One Billion Lei ($51,569,518) Included In The Plan Of The Ministry Of Education And Research For 2022
4. Hady Fink: The Role Of Civil Society In Fighting Corruption In Public Procurement
5. How Sectoral Procurement Has Not Become More Transparent Two Years After The Adoption Of Law 74/2020
6. Record 40% Growth In Public Procurement In The First Half Of 2022
7. CU SENS “Clean And Dirty”
8. Young Activists On Monitoring Public Procurement: Information On Local Budgets Available On Public Administrations’ Websites Is Not Presented In An Accessible Format
9. Over 10 Million Lei ($515,017) Worth Of Road Repair Works In Cahul – Find Out Who is Undertaking The
10. Rigged Bidding Files: Postponed Hearings, Zero Enforced Convictions, And Firms Still “Subscribed” To Public Money

More information can be found in the full version of the newsletter.

This newsletter was produced within the context of the joint PTF and IDIS Increasing the Integrity of Public Procurement in Moldova project.

The views expressed in the articles, which were written by IDIS, are solely those of the individuals quoted and do not necessarily reflect the official policies of PTF.

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