Preparation of an Integrity Pact in the Solok Regency

Preparation of an Integrity Pact in the Solok Regency

IMPLEMENTING PARTNER: Transparency International Indonesia
YEAR(S): 2002 – 2003
ISSUE(S): Elections

PTF funds were to be used to support a TI Indonesia (TII) initiative to establish an Integrity Pact (IP) with the Election Commission in order to achieve more transparency in its expenditures during the next election. Extensive corruption and misuse of funds was alleged. The proposed project was intended to address this problem.

A preparation workshop was conducted on November 7, 2002. The further activities to be undertaken include: drafting the IP, organizing training workshops for stakeholders, and the signing of the IP pledge by all those concerned. In April 2003, it was indicated that there was a new development in Indonesia’s political situation with the drafting of new law on the Electoral Commission and that TII anticipated a lot of changes, which might not be positive. The Commission failed to sign the IP and effectively withdrew its cooperation.

TII diverted its efforts, and some of the PTF funds, to a new project to build IPs for public procurement with three local government authorities, which had sent people to a seminar in South Korea on IPs. TII made significant progress with the Solok and Tanah Datar district authorities, but slower progress in Wonosobo, the third district. The approach was one of workshops, meetings and training with all key groups – local officials, legislators, business leaders, and civic leaders. But unlike the earlier proposal for the Election Commission, the project has been successfully implemented, and is serving as a model for the 300-odd other districts in the country.

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