Monitoring GSM License Auction in Bulgaria

Monitoring GSM License Auction in Bulgaria

IMPLEMENTATION PARTNER: Transparency International-Bulgaria
THEME: Procurement

In early November 2000 Transparency International Bulgaria was invited by the sectoral regulatory agency, the State Telecommunications Commission, to monitor and evaluate the legal compliance and transparency of the sales procedure for a second GSM mobile telephone license in Bulgaria.

After mutual agreement was reached on the conditions of the monitoring, Transparency International Bulgaria and the State Telecommunications Commission concluded a contract on 8 November 2000 regulating the parties’ rights and obligations in connection with the announced sealed-bid multiple round public auction for the licensing of a second nation-wide GSM-standard public mobile cellular network in Bulgaria.

The auction conduct procedure was made public in advance and was regulated by statutory instruments. All participants in the auction had sufficient time and genuine opportunities to familiarize themselves with the terms and conditions of the auction and no discriminatory restrictions were found on the admission or entry in the bidding during the course of the procedure. The auction commission strictly adhered to the procedure as regulated and announced in advance, and did not admit preferential treatment of any of the participants. It is recommendable that in future members of the public and of the media be provided with broader opportunities to exercise direct public control during the course of conduct of public auctions regulated by the national legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria.

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