Curbing Corruption at Buea University in Cameroon

Curbing Corruption at Buea University in Cameroon

IMPLEMENTING PARTNER: International Governance Institute-Focal Integrity Team for Cameroon
YEARS: 2009-2010
THEME: Education

The International Governance Institute, Focal Integrity Team for Cameroon (IGI-FITCAM) on May 1st 2009, received financial support from Partnership for Transparency Fund (PTF) to conduct a project geared at strengthening the University of Buea’s internal mechanisms for curbing financial mismanagement and corruption and to thereby enhance UB’s institutional performance and reduce wastage of scares public resources.

IFI-FITCAM proposed project to strengthen the internal mechanisms of the University of Buea for tracking and curbing corruption, is one of the proposed strategies to enhance the institutional performance of higher education establishments in Cameroon. The proposed UB anti corruption action is premised upon a strategy of strengthening the effectiveness of the university’s internal mechanisms, which are relatively untried, and also, to carry out a significant test of the new structures put in place by the government of Cameroon through the Ministry of Higher Education.

The creation of sub committees for the fight against corruption and promotion of ethics in higher education in Cameroon, tags along instructions from the Minister of Higher Education at the ceremony for the installation of members of the central unit for the fight against corruption and for the promotion of ethics in Higher Education in 2008. As an emblem of nationalism, held in high esteem not only in the Anglophone region but nationally, the University of Buea became symbolically, the pioneering institution for the promotion of the fight against corruption in the education sector in Cameroon.

The positive reputation University of Buea enjoys internationally further reinforces the culture of pride, which exists in relation to the University. The UB project was therefore an opportunity for the University to serve as a groundbreaking force behind the anti-corruption movement in Higher Education Institutes constantly encouraged by the Head of State-H.E.Paul Biya. This report is therefore a compressive description of the objectives and outcomes of the UB project in addition to its replicability and sustainability in reducing corruption in Higher Education Institutions in Cameroon.


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    I am most obliged for this document. I wish to know the internal measures put in place to combat corruption within the University of Buea. Thanks.

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