IGI-FITCAM Provides Ethics Training to Cameroon’s Oil Processing Corporation (SONARA)

PTF’s local partner in Cameroon, the International Governance Institution – Focal Integrity Team Cameroon (IGI-FITCAM) recently conducted a four day intensive training course for 40 newly elected Ambassadors of Ethics at SONARA (Societe Nationale de Raffinage, the National Refining Company).

The training for SONARA’s Ambassadors of Ethics had a number of specific objectives:

  1. Teach Ambassadors the sectoral strategy against corruption, as defined in the National Anti-Corruption Strategy
  2. Equip Ambassadors with skills to encourage ethical conduct in all circumstances
  3. Aid Ambassadors with the tools and skills to sensitize colleagues on ethical values
  4. Improve Ambassador knowledge and understanding of SONARA’s Code of Ethics
  5. Share examples, experiences and practices that could endanger the ethics and image of SONARA
  6. Improve Ambassador ability to mediate between colleagues and the Unit for the Promotion of Ethics

The Ambassadors listened to presentations, conducted case study analyses, and participated in practical sessions  to achieve a combination of implicit and explicit value changes consistent with the training objectives. At the end of the training there was a significant shift in the Ambassador’s comprehension of SONARA’s Code of Ethics as well as in their ability to demonstrate integrity.

IGI-FITCAM has released a report highlighting the activities associated with the training of SONARA’s Ambassadors of Ethics from October 26th-29th, 2015. The report outlines the training objectives, summarizes the sessions and modules, and presents participants’ recommendations for improving ethics and eliminating corruption at SONARA.

Download the report (5.4 MB)

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