PTF’s Chief Technical Adviser, Vinay Bhargava, will make a presentation at the 2019 Asian Development Bank Annual Meeting Civil Society Program on, Myths and Realities of CSOs Promoting Transparent and Accountable Government Institutions.

Civil society works to improve governance as an influencer of government policies and programs, as implementer of governance programs and as monitors to hold the government accountable. However, there are many myths and realities that shape the role and extent of CSO impact. This talk will discuss common myths such as: CSOs lacking in accountability, governments and CSOs as adversaries, and civic space as unitary, among others. The presentation will draw on several important studies to present evidence and stories that dispel these myths and present the realities.

The 2019 Annual Meeting of the Board of Governors of the Asian Development Bank will be held in Fiji from Wednesday, 1 May to Sunday, 5 May 2019. The Civil Society Organization (CSO) program supports participatory development whereby CSOs interact with ADB Management, share innovation and best practices in development work, and hold panel discussions that cover relevant topics related to ADB operations that are of interest to CSOs.