PTF-Asia will host a session at Asian Evaluation Week entitled “Citizen and Civil Society Engagement for Development Effectiveness: State and Quality of Evaluation”. Participants will discuss and learn about state and quality of evaluation approaches, findings and gaps in the emerging field of citizen and civil society engagement in enhancing development effectiveness in general and of public services in particular.

Lead presentation: Does citizen/civil society engagement improve development effectiveness and delivery of public services? State and Quality of Evaluation, Dr. Vinay Bhargava, Chief Technical Adviser, PTF and Board Member, PTF Asia Foundation

Dr. Bhargava will present a summary of analytical approaches used and findings distilled from more than 40 curated research/evaluation studies relevant for the citizen/civic engagement policies of governments in the Asia and Pacific region and multi-lateral banks such as the ADB. to the topic. He will highlight quality and state of evaluation findings, gaps in knowledge and success/failure factors. Discussion of the topic will be highly relevant and timely as it is gaining more prominence in the development agenda of: (a) Sustainable Development Goals, especially SDG16 that includes targets for enhancing transparency, accountability and participation in government operations; and, (b) the stakeholder engagement policies of multilateral development banks. Examples include citizen and CSO engagement commitments in ADB Strategy 2030 and the World Bank’s recent stakeholder and citizen engagement policy.

Case study presentation: State and quality of evaluation evidence on citizen engagement and transparency initiatives in resource extraction industries, Dr. Emmanuel Jimenez, Executive Director, International Initiative for Impact Evaluation (3iE)

Moderator: Mr. Gambhir Bhatta, Advisor, Sustainable Development and Climate Change Department; and Chief of Knowledge Advisory Services Center, Asian Development Bank