World Bank promotes citizen action to help fight corruption and poverty

PTF’s Board Chair, Anabel Cruz, and Chief Technical Adviser, Vinay Bhargava, were quoted in an article written by Stella Dawson on citizen-led anti-corruption interventions.

Anabel Cruz “warned of fatigue among poor citizens over efforts to engage them in the development process, especially when results are not clear.”

We have to be alert. There is no magic bullet with technology. You can open up a web page but because you are collecting data doesn’t mean anyone is doing anything about it and accountability is going on.

Vinay Bhargava provided the example of a PTF-supported project in the Philippines working “to implement citizen monitoring of a government programme that makes cash payments to 300,000 pregnant women.”

I believe there are limits to what bureaucracy can do. There are certain things bureaucracy must do well, but involvement of the citizen can take it to the next level.

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