When Did the World Bank Discover the Virtues of Good Governance and Anti-Corruption?

On March 31, 2021, PTF President’s Councillor Mr. Pierre Landell-Mills shared his reflections on the development of the World Bank’s good governance and anti-corruption work.

The event, entitled:When did the World Bank discover the virtues of good governance and anti-corruption in development and what is it doing about it? was sponsored by the World Bank’s 1818 Society and the World Bank Governance Global Practice. In addition to Landell-Mills’ reflections, Mr. Edward Olowo-Okere, World Bank Director, Global Governance Practice shared information on the Bank’s current governance and anti-corruption strategy.

A video recording of the conversation moderated by Mr. Vinay Bhargava, PTF’s Chief Technical Adviser, is available below. The background paper by Landell-Mills, which provides additional context on the discussion, is accessible here. Pierre welcomes ongoing discussion on the subject and can be reached at

The full recording of the event can be accessed here.