PTF Chief Technical Adviser Vinay Bhargava to Host Two Seminars in Switzerland

PTF Chief Technical Adviser to speak at two seminars in Switzerland to discuss PTF’s work and the new book Citizens Against Corruption: Report from the Frontline by PTF co-founder and former president Pierre Landell-Mills.

The first seminar titled “Is Supporting Citizens Against Corruption Good For Business?” is being sponsored by the Evian Group@IMD School of Business, Lausanne, Switzerland on June 20 at 12:30 PM. At this IMD Community Session Dr. Bhargava will argue, drawing on the book, why supporting citizens against corruption is good for business. This will be followed by an open forum with all participants discussing the topic. The discussion will be moderated by Prof Jean-Pierre Lehmann, Emeritus Professor of International Political Economy, Founder of the Evian Group@IMD.

The second seminar titled “How civil engagement improves governance and development results of Public Service Delivery.” Is being sponsored by the Basel Institute of Governance, Basel, Switzerland on June 21 at 12:30 PM.