Bhuvan Bhatnagar is a seasoned leader in international development who has worked in two premier multilateral development banks, a grassroots NGO, five global regions, 40+ countries, multiple sectors, and complex corporate roles for 25+ years, including 10 years in field assignments. He is passionate about multi-stakeholder partnerships and constructive engagement between citizens, civil society, governments, businesses, academic institutions, and international aid agencies. He has catalyzed several “firsts” at the World Bank including: the first Participation Sourcebook; the first Citizen Report Card on Pro-Poor Services; the first stand-alone IDA project focused entirely on the demand side of governance; and the first large-scale initiative for independent monitoring of Bank projects valued at about $2B by CSO and citizens in South Asia and East Asia Regions. He served as the Manager for Trust Funds and Partner Relations at the World Bank between 2016-2020 overseeing a grant portfolio of about $11B, and has been an entrepreneurial fundraiser for the World Bank throughout his career.