Local Governance

The Pains and Rewards of Constructive Engagement: Lessons Learned from a PTF-Supported Project in Cameroon

It is impossible not to come away with a big smile after meeting Asah Azefor and Beltus Atunsiri. Asah is the leader and Beltus is his deputy of a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) in the south-west Region of Cameroon, called ASYOUSED (Assembly of Youths for a Sustainable Environment and Development). These…...

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How Desperate Housewives of Khariar Successfully Fought Corruption

Poor women in thousands of towns and villages of developing countries are routinely cheated out of basic benefits to which they are entitled under government programs - not because of too few resources, too little motivation, or too much pride – but because of corruption. Keshari Paharia, Haramani Majhi, Sapura…...

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Monitoring Education Delivery in Eastern Uganda

Uganda Ethics Network Outreach (UENO) recently launched a PTF funded project in Manafwa, a large rural district along the Kenyan border in Eastern Uganda. The project aims to target misappropriation of funds, poor procurement practices and overall government service delivery at the district level for ......

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