PTF Accountability Project to Move Ahead with ADB Support in the Philippines

The Partnership for Transparency Fund is being support by the  Asian Development Bank (ADB) in a one-year project in the Philippines to improve the capacities of stakeholders – local governments and civil society organizations (CSOs) in particular – for effective and constructive engagement with ......

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New Book – Citizens Against Corruption – Report from the Frontline

Over the last dozen years The Partnership for Transparency Fund has support with money and expert advice more than 200 projects across the developing world to reduce corruption. Now, in a brand new book, Landell-Mills reviews the record: he highlights the civil society organizations that are making a real ......

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Writing on the Wall as Appropriate Technology for Transparency

The "Transparency Wall" in Ranga Reddy village in Andhra Pradesh, India fully serves its purpose of transparency and accountability and is a great example of appropriate technology ......

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