Statement by PTF Chairman on International Anti-Corruption Day

On Today’s Important Anti-Corruption Day:

December 9, 2021

The Partnership for Transparency Fund enthusiastically welcomes the participation of governments of more than 100 countries in the White House “Summit for Democracy” that convenes today – the U.N.’s International Anti-Corruption Day.

Many governments are using this opportunity to highlight the work they are doing, and that they plan to do, to counter corruption across the globe. PTF’s experience over 20 years in many countries is that sustainable approaches to anti-corruption is only possible when the citizens of countries take the lead, when they develop their own strategies and, as they go forward, when they secure international support.

Citizen engagement in countering corruption is the key. Tens of millions victims of governmental corruption have seen the delivery of public services to them enhanced because of the courageous, highly professional actions of local civil society organizations. These organizations now need far greater direct support from bilateral aid agencies, major multilateral development institutions and international foundations.

Frank Vogl

Chairman, The Partnership for Transparency Fund

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