PTF’s cadre of development experts have deep knowledge of the IFIs, making PTF ideally qualified to advise these organizations on deepening their engagement with civil society. PTF has worked in this regard with the World Bank, the African Development Bank (AfDB), the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the European Investment Bank (EIB), advising them on strategies for engaging with civil society; evaluating their current civil society engagement efforts across the organization and in specific countries; developing action plans for enhancing their engagement with civil society; consulting with civil society representatives; and training staff in civil society engagement.

PTF offers the following services for IFIs and bilateral aid organizations:

  1. Diagnostic review of organizations’ current policy and procedural framework for engaging with civil society and evaluation of implementation performance to date;
  2. Developing and helping to implement action plans for enhancing engagement with civil society at the organization-wide, country or sector level;
  3. Developing organizational policies, procedures, guidelines and toolkits related to civil society engagement;
  4. Supporting IFIs in their organizational interface with civil society (for example through civil society fora; joint IFI/Civil Society Committees; consultations with civil society) and task teams in engaging with civil society to strengthen design and implementation of projects and programs;
  5. Train IFI staff and build capacity of civil society organizations; and
  6. Develop and manage CSO grant programs on behalf of IFIs.

Services for IFIs


We connect experts with local leaders to jointly develop plans, support implementation and evaluate impact.


We link organizations with similar goals and complementary skills to provide mutual support.


We share lessons by hosting events and publishing findings to advance our collective understanding of governance challenges.


We provide analytical and advisory services on institutional development and improving citizen engagement.