PTF connects the local expertise of civil society leaders to international experience provided by PTF’s network of experts. Local civil society organizations identify the needs and collaborate with PTF Advisers to craft evidence-based solutions. This combination of local and international knowledge amplifies the impact of demand-driven, action-oriented interventions. PTF collects lessons learned and best practices from each project to share broadly through international and local networks.

Our experts are mostly former staff from multilateral and bilateral development agencies. In addition to civil society and anti-corruption, areas of expertise cover (in order) water and sanitation, public service delivery in health and education, natural resources, open contracting, and rule of law. PTF Advisers come from all over the globe; including India, Cameroon, Philippines, Germany, the Netherlands, Chile, Colombia and Turkey; and have spent their professional careers working in over 170 countries combined with higher concentrations in West and East Africa, and South East Asia.

Services for CSOs


We connect experts with local leaders to jointly develop plans, support implementation and evaluate impact.


We link organizations with similar goals and complementary skills to provide mutual support.


We share lessons by hosting events and publishing findings to advance our collective understanding of governance challenges.


We provide grants accompanied by technical assistance to CSOs undertaking good governance and anti-corruption projects.