Report of the ‘Social Audit of Performance of Members of Parliament in Odisha’ Released by YSD

Youth for Social Development (YSD) is a PTF partner with a commitment to improve accountable governance, bring transparency in utilization of public funds and ensure its efficient and equitable utilization of tax payer’s money and also to monitor the performance of the elected representatives. The organization has recently released a ‘Social Audit of Performance of Members of Parliament in Odisha.’ This social audit was carried out during the completion of 1st year of office of 16th Lok Sabha Odisha Members of Parliament (MPs) to oversee their performance.

The basic objective of the social audit is to map performance of MPs based on their participation in parliamentary process (attendance in parliament sessions, participation in debate, questions asked) and spending pattern of Member of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme (MPLAD) finds in Odisha (2014 to‐2015) and to examine the spending patterns experience, education, gender, region wise and sector-wise.

The study is limited to 21 MPs in Odisha Loksabha (i.e. lower house of the parliament) during 2014-15. Secondary data available in the Lok Sabha, MPLAD and SAGY website has been used for the analysis with constituency wise expenditure data along with the sector wise expenditure. Analysis is limited to only the information (utilisation data) available till May 31st 2015.

We sincerely believe this report will be immense useful and give direction to the MPs, political parties, civil society, government and citizens and voters to know the performance and spending of the elected representatives.

Download the audit