PTF joins TAP Network 2030 as a Partner

Partnership for Transparency is pleased to announce it has joined the TAP Network 2030 as a partner organization.

The Transparency Accountability & Participation (TAP) Network 2030 is  broad network of CSOs that works to ensure that open, inclusive, accountable, effective governance and peaceful societies are at the heart of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, and that civil society are recognized and mobilized as indispensable partners in the design, implementation of and accountability for sustainable development policies, at all levels.

Partnership for Transparency shares the TAP Network 2030’s goal of supporting and strengthening the capacity of civil society stakeholders to implement the transparency, accountability and participation targets of 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

PTF’s large network of CSO partners, repository of 18 years of anti-corruption projects, strong relationship with Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs), and unique structure as a volunteer-led organization comprised mostly of former MDB staff, position it well to advance the vision recognized in the Agenda 2030 framework, though not yet ubiquitous, of civil society as a key development partner in achieving SDG 16. PTF will contribute to the TAP Network 2030 by drawing on its strengths in knowledge and learning, its relationships with organizations in the TAP field, and understanding of MDBs to promote and enhance the role of civil society in achieving SDG 16 through knowledge products, events and conferences. PTF embraces the following commitments:

  • Participation in British Academy Rethinking Corruption initiative (2017-2018) to advocate enhanced support for CSO-led control of corruption initiatives.
  • Support of CSO capacity building in Myanmar for civic engagement in development policies and programs including those for SDG 16.
  • Preparation of a paper on the role of CSOs in contributing to enhanced public sector governance goals and targets in SDG 16.
  • Organization of events and seminars at multilateral development banks on the subject of CSO roles and contributions in promoting transparency, accountability and participation in development policies and programs.
  • Promotion of SDG 16 through PTF’s Anti-Corruption Forum, the only Washington DC area event forum exclusively devoted to covering topics of anti-corruption.