PTF Chief Technical Adviser Vinay Bhargava to Speak at MIT

Corruption, a universal problem, victimizes the poor bottom billion of the global population. These poor are bypassed by trickle-down growth strategies. They suffer chronic poverty. Corruption robs them of services and social safety benefits intended to alleviate their plight. Decades of efforts to reform government’s own accountability systems to control corruption have shown limited results. The new frontier is to empower citizens and communities to hold the state accountable and make it responsive to their needs.

Drawing on his world-wide experiences, Dr. Vinay Bhargava will present examples of communities fighting corruption and share ideas on the huge unfulfilled roles and challenges for civic media to make a difference in this important movement.

The event called “Citizens Fighting Corruption: Roles and Challenges for Civic Media” will take place at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Thursday May 17th from 12pm-1:30p.