PTF Asia to Receive Grant for Building Resilient Communities Project

Building Resilient Communities (BRC) in the Philippines

The Building Resilient Communities (BRC) is a pilot project that aims to make communities more responsive and resilient by training local leaders, providing health and education support, and assisting with economic rehabilitation. PTF Asia has received a grant from the Lifebank Microfinance Foundation (LBF) to manage this project alongside a consortium of six local partners in the Philippines, who will be responsible for project implementation.

PTF Project Team:

Dante de los Angeles, Board Member, Treasurer, and Managing Director, PTF Asia

Geert van der Linden, Senior Adviser, PTF Asia

Andrea Riños, Project Officer, PTF Asia


Lifebank Microfinance Foundation (LBF)
Action for the Care and Development of the Poor in the Philippines (ACAP)
Philippine Island Kids International Foundation (PIKIFI), and Jesse M. Robredo Foundation (JMRF)

Project Summary:

The field work in the six selected project communities will be led by the Action for the Care and Development of the Poor in the Philippines, Inc. (ACAP) in Parañaque City, Metro Manila, and Philippine Island Kids International Foundation, Inc. (PIKIFI) in Cagayan de Oro City, Northern Mindanao. They will provide short-term relief to the project’s target beneficiaries and manage the network of community volunteers. The Jesse M. Robredo Foundation, Inc. (JMRF) will provide the training for formal and informal community leaders to build resiliency and promote development. BF will lead the entrepreneurship training programs and provide access to its financial services.

Partnership for Transparency Asia (PTFA) will ensure that all interventions are delivered in an integrated manner, a well-designed monitoring and evaluation framework is implemented, local governments are actively engaged in the project and local funding opportunities for communities are identified.

The overall goal of the project is to apply this integrated approach to meet the immediate needs of the target population and to create stronger, more resilient communities. The project will start its preparatory activities in June 2021 and will run for two years.


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