PRESS RELEASE: New President of PTF, Dirk Mattheisen

The Partnership for Transparency is delighted to announce the onboarding of a new president, Dirk Mattheisen. A longtime PTF adviser, Dirk is well acquainted with the organization’s operations and plans to support the continued expansion of programming and other initiatives. By leveraging his expertise in good governance and experience with strategic planning, PTF will continue to grow and develop its support for civil society engagement.

“I am pleased to take on this new role with PTF. The success of development work depends on the participation of civil society to reduce waste, end corruption, and improve overall results. PTF is very good at engaging civil society, and I will work to increase PTF’s support to civil society,” Mattheisen said.

PTF’s outgoing president Richard Stern is delighted that Dirk has agreed to take on this leadership role. “With Dirk at the helm, PTF is in secure hands, and we look forward to a further strengthening of our support to our CSO partners in their efforts to hold governments accountable,” he said.

Dirk is an independent governance professional who has provided guidance to international economic and financial institutions on board/management relations, board assessments, shareholder issues, institutional policies, risk management, and ethics. He is also a writer and blogger on political economy, economic governance, anti-corruption, and disinformation, and a member of the Anti-Corruption Advocacy Network (ACAN).

He is a former Assistant Secretary of the World Bank Group in Washington, DC (2008 – 2012) and Alternate Secretary of the World Bank board Ethics Committee. He worked previously in the World Bank’s African operations and, prior to the World Bank, for the World Health Organization (WHO). As a governance professional, Dirk provided guidance on corporate governance and board/management relations to the board and senior management of the World Bank Group, as well as advising on matters related to board engagement on corporate strategy, economic and financial policy, budget and financial management, risk management, and ethics. He led or provided principal support on board governance reform at the World Bank Group, including the comprehensive 2000 Ad Hoc Committee on Board Policies and Procedures, the code of conduct and ethics committee reforms in 2007-2009), and he provided liaison with the secretariats of other international financial institutions to coordinate governance questions and innovation across these institutions.

Dirk graduated from the Johns Hopkins Carey School of Business in 2001 with an MBA in Finance and the Harvard Executive Management Program (2000). He has a degree in International Economics (MA, 1987) from George Washington University and in Economics (BA, 1976) from the University of Virginia.

PTF is delighted to welcome Dirk as the new president.

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