New Report on PTF-Supported Anti-Corruption Interventions in Education

Transparency International’s Global Corruption Report: Education (2013) reinforces the notion that corruption inhibits social and economic development and may even jeopardize stability of a nation’s education system. Opportunity for corruption exists all along the education continuum. The “roots of corrupt practices lie in a lack of transparency and accountability.”

The Partnership for Transparency Fund has supported more than twenty projects to improve education systems in developing countries around the world. The projects addressed problems of governance, poor transparency and corruption in four main areas: (i) use of school resources; (ii) school construction; (iii) procurement and delivery of textbooks and other school supplies; and (iv) professional misconduct related to student admissions, examinations and teacher hiring.

Through these projects, as well as the knowledge gained across the board in galvanizing citizens to fight corruption, PTF is gaining valuable experience in sustainable project approaches. A new report seeks to zero in on what makes for successful anti-corruption projects in the education sector and to present some suggestions for future activity by PTF.

Click here to download the report and learn more about the lessons PTF is drawing from its work in the education sector.