Our mission is to advance innovative citizen-led approaches to improve governance, increase transparency, promote the rule of law and reduce corruption in developing and emerging countries.


We believe development works best when communities solve their own problems — when citizens work with their leaders to ensure their needs are met and public commitments are fulfilled. We strive to ensure development agencies and local actors have the knowledge, skills, abilities and tools to make that a reality by providing the following services.

Technical Assistance

We believe pairing experience with innovation leads to better, more sustainable solutions which is why we connect highly-experienced Advisers with local leaders to jointly develop plans, support implementation and evaluate impact.

Networking Services

We believe collective action can overcome entrenched problems which is why we link organizations with similar goals and complementary skills to provide mutual support.

Knowledge & Learning

We believe our partners can learn from each other which is why we share lessons across the network and beyond, whether by hosting events and publishing findings to advance our collective understanding on governance challenges.


We seek to enable all development partners to tap into the ingenuity and knowledge of communities in which they work which is why we provide strategic advice on institutional development and improving citizen engagement.


Since our founding in 2000, we have collaborated with civil society leaders and communities in over 60 countries on more than 260 context-specific projects driven by the ideas and demands of the communities in which they take place, 85% of which have achieved their objectives. We believe in adapting our approaches as we learn from challenges. As a small organization with a large network, we are able to be especially agile and connect with corresponding expertise as new needs arise.