PTF Submits Evidence Demonstrating the Power of Civil Society Fighting Corruption to the UK Parliament

Ahead of the UK Prime Minister’s Anti-Corruption Summit, to be held in London in May, the Parliament’s International Development Committee is inquiring into the direction and effectiveness of the Department for International Development’s (DFID’s) current anti-corruption efforts, the development impacts of UK Government policy on corruption and the coherence of the Government’s approach as a whole. Specifically, the International Development Committee is inquiring into how effective the 2013 DFID anti-corruption strategy has been so far and examine what the balance should be between seeking to tackle corruption at institutional and grass roots levels. Click here to view the proceedings of the inquiry.

In response, John Clark, PTF’s Board Chair, submitted evidence that demonstrates the necessity of a well-supported civil society sector in fighting corruption. The full text of John’s testimony can be viewed on the UK Parliament’s website at: