COVID19 Response Project in Ajmer, India

India’s nationwide lock-down aimed at containing COVID19 has caused huge problems for vulnerable groups with no access to food and many other essential services. Since it came into force on March 25, 2020 millions of migrant workers are left with no support, no social security and work. According to Annual Economic survey of India 2017, there are 139 million seasonal or circular migrants in the country. In Ajmer thousands of migrant workers from adjoining states working in the marble and lime stone mines and crushing factories and other allied work are in a state of great distress.

IDRF and PTF are co-funding a program to mitigate the adverse effects of COVID19 on migrant workers by complementing local government’s efforts to provide immediate relief for 880 households (4400 people) in suburbs of Ajmer who are currently unable to access the existing social safety nets for their basic needs. CFAR will also aim to facilitate/restore access to safety nets.

Activities include:

  • Distribution of grocery/hygiene kit to the targeted households for 3-4 weeks
  • Raising awareness of these households on COVID 19 and the precautions one needs to take to prevent transmission
  • Working with local governments to help identify marginalized migrant households and apprising them of the services and benefits available to them
  • Facilitating fast track provision of government-mandated financial, social and health benefits to the targeted households
  • Facilitating access to social safety net for those who are being excluded so that they can avail benefits beyond the transitional period.

CFAR is represented in Ajmer City Task Force for COVID19 Relief and will carry out the activities in close coordination with this apex body. The City Commissioner has expressed readiness to collaborate on this initiative as part of the COVID19 response.