These reports outline the activities, achievements, results and impact of projects facilitated by PTF under our Citizens against Corruption (CAC) program, funded through the UK Department for International Development’s  (DFID) Governance and Transparency Fund (GTF).



2013 Completion Report

The PTF CAC programme had an impact in the fight against corruption well beyond reasonable expectations. We have demonstrated in case after case that small grants placed in the hands of bone fide local civil society organizations (CSOs) can achieve remarkable results in rooting out corruption. This has been a CSO driven programme that has very significant implications for donor assistance programmes where pervasive corruption is most critical obstacle to helping the poor across the world.

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2012 Annual Report

In FY2011/2012, PTF managed a portfolio of over 45 projects, 20 of them funded through the Citizens Against Corruption program. The last GTF grant agreement was signed in January 2012, bringing the total number of projects funded by the GTF to 74. PTF had the opportunity to fund multiple phases of successful projects and seen our CSO partners grow in capacity and effectiveness. During the reporting period, PTF funded several phase 2 or follow on projects with established partners in India, the Philippines, Ghana and Cameroon. PTF have seen enormous growth in the skills, confidence and success rates of our multi-year partners, boding well for sustainability.
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2011 Annual Report

FY2010/11 was a year of solid progress for the PTF. A new management team was appointed, new professional staff hired, and a revamped website, a new email system, an improved records management system and two new Board committees were all put in place. Along with these changes, PTF continued to expand its GTP funded grant portfolio supporting a range of new promising anti-corruption projects. Increased interaction between grant recipients located in the same country was achieved with workshops held in Cameroon, India, the Philippines and Uganda. Workshops were organised at the World Bank/IMF Annual Meetings in Washington and the 2010 International Anti-Corruption Conference in Bangkok to disseminate lessons learnt in assisting civil society to demand better governance.
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2010 Annual Report

During FY 2009/2010 PTF continued to expand its GTP funded grant portfolio supporting a range of new promising anti-corruption projects. At the same time significant efforts were made to increase the number and performance of PTF’s volunteer Advisers, streamline operational procedures, improve internal and external communications and learning among grantees and Advisers, enhance outreach and dissemination channels and achieve a constant improvement in quality of projects and in assessing their impact.

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2009 Annual Report

Over the period under review, PTF embarked on a substantially expanded program. During the year ending 31 March 2009 eight projects supported by PTF were completed and 17 new projects were started, leaving a total of 23 projects that were ongoing in July 2009. Twelve of the new projects were funded from the GTF grant, of which six in Africa, two in East Asia, one in South Asia, two in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union and one in Latin America.

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