The Barry Metzger Rule of Law Initiative

Legal Response to Gender Based Violence Training - Macedonia 2016


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Partnership for Transparency Fund (PTF) founder Barry Metzger worked tirelessly to promote justice in some of the world’s poorest countries. The “Rule of Law Initiative” bearing his name is designed to respect the humanitarian and legal values that Mr. Metzger promoted throughout his life as General Counsel of the Asian Development Bank, a distinguished lawyer in private practice and Board Member of PTF.

Everyday, tens of millions of poor people in developing countries face extortion that violates their dignity. Barry Metzger was quietly driven to volunteer with PTF, as are the Advisers that continue his work, because he understood these devastating impacts were in large part a result of weak rule-of-law. The ambition behind the Barry Metzger Rule of Law Initiative is to contribute to the development of more transparent and predictable government institutions. The video below outlines the Metzger Initiative's launch and initial projects

Through the Metzger Initiative, PTF supports citizen-led action in developing countries to make governments transparent, accountable and free of corruption by strengthening civil society institutions and developing the next generation of leaders advancing good governance and rule-of-law. The Initiative supports civil society organizations in three ways:

Networking: Connecting civil society organizations whose work supports rule of law, freedom of
information, exposing and correcting conflicts of interest, and judicial reform to the resources their projects need to succeed.

Knowledge Sharing: Sponsoring both online and on-site opportunities for practitioners and experts to exchange experiences, learn from best practices, and build the capacity of citizen groups to hold their governments accountable.

Capacity Development: Providing expert technical assistance and support to strengthen ability of citizen groups to promote good governance in their own societies through constructive engagement with authorities.

The Metzger Initiative scales up PTF’s past successes in rule of law, which include monitoring of institutions such as the Anti-Corruption Court in Uganda; selection of judges in Bolivia and Rwanda; application of India’s Right to Information Act to secure honest delivery of public services; formalization of property rights in Albania and Rwanda; monitoring of public procurement in Latvia and Pakistan; and curbing police corruption in Uganda, Pakistan, and the Philippines.

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Video: Corruption Trial Monitoring Project

Video: Milan Antonijevic on the Metzger Initiative

Metzger Initiative Projects


Regional Gender-Based Violence Legal Training

The Metzger Initiative partnered with the American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative (ABA ROLI) and the Hogan Lovells law firm to to deliver a training program for licensed advocates and CSOs to increase their capacity to represent clients in cases involving gender-based violence and discrimination [...]


Review23 - Regional Rule of Law Network in the Western Balkans

ReView23, founded in 2015, is a regional network of civil society organizations (CSOs) in the Western Balkans (Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro) which share common goals linked to the rule of law, specifically to judicial reform. The long-range vision for the Network is to strengthen the rule of law in fighting corruption to bring about judicial and human rights reform in the region [...]



Regional Trial Monitoring Program in Eastern Europe

In order to ensure that the law is being properly applied in the courtroom, the Lawyers’ Committee for Human Rights (YUCOM) in Serbia partnered with the Youth Initiative for Human Rights (YIHR) in Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina to develop a regional trial monitoring program [...]